How to enlarge the penis with baking soda

If you decide to visit this site, it is likely that you are dissatisfied with the parameters of your genitals. If you are not ready to take drastic measures and visit the plastic surgeon's office, pay attention to traditional penis enlargement methods that will help make your penis longer and thicker.

Basically, the complex can disappear, but due to the lack of a centimeter of the penis to please the partner. Doctors say that leaving the penis less than 8 centimeters is a very serious deviation.

As a result, for some men, resizing becomes an obsession. Many people try to use known methods for this. Often the reason for worrying about size is simply the desire to assert oneself, to demonstrate extraordinary dimensions. The use of baking soda is one of such controversial methods of penis enlargement, despite having enough followers.

How to increase baking soda works

Is it true that this method of magnification really helps? Surprisingly, this is true. This substance is sodium bicarbonate, which dilutes the blood. This phenomenon is useful during penis enlargement exercises.

Soda is harmless, its chemical composition is unknown.

Blood is distributed to the organs of the genitourinary system. At the same time, the substance does not allow the formation of dangerous blood clots - this is one of the complications that can occur when exercising to enlarge the penis.

You can enlarge your penis with soda, but you need to use this substance properly, use it regularly and follow safety precautions. This method is characterized by low cost and availability.

Useful properties of soda

Soda has many useful properties used in everyday life and in the treatment of certain diseases, but men will be interested in another feature of this powder - the ability to enlarge the penis.

Useful qualities

If a man decides to enlarge his penis, it is better to start with the simplest, cheapest and relatively natural method.

Skin irritation, which increases blood circulation and results in temporary swelling of the penis.

Due to the local effect, the erection improves, which is useful for those who have small potential problems.

An interesting fact: some experts claim that mild irritation of the penis is an excellent prevention of pelvic diseases.

Fast results. If the date is happening today and you are planning to enlarge your penis and pleasantly surprise your partner, this is a suitable choice.

You can really increase the size of your genitals with soda without resorting to pills and surgery. It has a local effect on the body, so it does not harm the liver and other organs.

Accessibility is another advantage. Any man can buy it, regardless of his financial means.

soda to enlarge the penis


  1. Do not save and choose the most expensive option without impurities.
  2. Make sure there are no allergic reactions. To do this, moisten a small area on the elbow with water and rub a small amount of baking soda on it. Check after an hour: if there is no redness, itching and irritation, you can start the test.
  3. The penis should be ready for healing enlargement, ie it is advisable to steam the penis in warm water. Do this with a compress or just in the shower.
  4. Prepare additional ingredients for massage.
  5. For maximum comfort, stack sanitary napkins to wipe off excess baking soda.

How to enlarge the penis. Instructions

  1. Apply oil to the penis (it is better to use olive oil to completely soften the skin). After applying soda to the surface of the penis with light massage movements. The enlargement procedure should be continued for a few minutes, after which the remains of the composition are washed with water and a moisturizer is applied to the intimate area.
  2. Steaming your penis in a tub is another way to increase its size immediately. Dissolve a tablespoon of soda in a liter of warm water. Put the penis in a container with this solution for 20 minutes. After taking this bath, rinse the rest of the composition with water.
  3. An equally effective recipe to increase the "body of love" with soda is to mix it in equal proportions with honey. Apply the resulting composition on the surface of the penis, hold for a few minutes, massage with your hands. Such a recipe can not only increase the size, but also increase the sensitivity of the glans penis.
  4. It is possible to enlarge the genitals with the help of soda in the form of scrubs. To do this, it is recommended to first wet the penis and gently rub the solution along its entire length. It is believed that this method allows better blood flow to the body. But the disadvantages of this method are worth considering. Some men reported burning and irritation.

And another way to increase

Soda is applied to the penis, after which a vacuum pump is connected to it. Thanks to this combined method, it is possible to improve blood flow several times, which means that the result will be even clearer.

If you want maximum comfort, try using baking soda in hot water while taking a bath.

In this case, baking soda will increase the sensitivity of the head of the penis, and you can save time while doing water procedures. In the bath, gently extend the penis by holding it with two fingers and moving it towards the head of the penis. In this case, there should be no painful sensations, if there is discomfort, stop this procedure.

Compress is another proven option. Prepare a solution (a tablespoon of baking soda for a glass of warm water). Immerse a tulle cloth in the liquid and wrap it around the penis, leave for five minutes.

soda to enlarge the penis

Home use results

The volume is added at a rate of 1-2 centimeters.

Enhancing the sensitivity of the head, which contributes to a full erection and a radiant orgasm.

It changes size in both length and thickness.

Regular intense blood flow to the genitourinary system, which is the prevention of many inflammatory diseases.

After about a few months of use, for many men, the size of the penis has increased by about one centimeter, but this already depends on the body of the man who uses such methods.

You should use soda carefully to avoid harm to your health. Although this is a very harmless product, it can cause allergies when used incorrectly.

Procedures need to be performed every day to significantly enlarge the penis.

Soda, swallowed

It is recommended to take it orally with soda and other methods to strengthen the penis. In moderate amounts, it has a good effect on the body's internal systems.

The intake should be kept to a minimum: a quarter teaspoon twice a day between meals (dilute the substance with liquid).

Will this measure affect the size of the penis and help it grow? Directly - no, but drinking will be good for your health.

If you have bacterial or other diseases of the genitourinary system, they should be treated with appropriate drugs, and folk remedies can be used only as prescribed by a doctor. In addition, its use is prohibited for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, indigestion, allergic reactions.


Sense of proportion is the most important thing. Do not abuse soda and rub it several times a day.

If you have an allergic reaction, be careful and first apply baking soda to a small area of your skin.

Do not apply to damaged skin. Otherwise, the damage will get worse and you may need medical help.

Do not rub too aggressively, try not to touch the head of the penis.

Do not use an expired product.

If there are pathological congenital deformities of the penis, this method is also prohibited.

Learn the theory before you start practicing. Our website will help you in this work, explaining in detail the proportions, timing of procedures and other nuances.

There are no serious contraindications to penis enlargement with soda. It is not necessary to consult a specialist before use. But at the same time it is necessary to take precautions, for example, follow the indicated dose, massage and palms should be done only with clean hands.

Don't expect instant results. Either method takes time. You should use the methods regularly for two or more months to get results.

These methods do not guarantee that the penis will grow at once and a few centimeters. It is hard work and requires a lot of patience.

Before using sodium carbonate to enlarge your penis, it is worth considering whether you need it. You can decide whether to continue after the first two months of use.

Because men have disadvantages in the form of size or volume of male dignity, many lose self-confidence, depression begins, and a man loses interest in sexuality.

A man needs to feel confident in bed, to know that he is complete, and then to have no problems in life!

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  1. Hello to everybody. There is one complex - the size of the penis does not satisfy me. I decided to use the most convenient way to enlarge the penis - with the help of baking soda. I did everything as described in the articles on this site. As a result, I liked it very much, the base of the penis became very thick, but, unfortunately, the length did not change. I will continue to increase my penis with this powder.
  2. I decided to live penis enlargement with soda. I rub soda on my genitals every day, it grows for a while and a lasting erection on the penis is very pleasant. I advise men not to overload, according to the instructions, it is enough to use baking soda for a few minutes. Changing the size of the penis with soda is a great choice!
  3. Hello everybody! I found a packet of soda in my kitchen and decided to try penis enlargement. I heard that soda increased. For the first time, the result was not very good, the penis reacted only in the form of redness. Next time I was more careful. As soon as I start to feel a burning sensation from baking soda, I immediately wash the groin area with cool water. I advise you to pay attention to gels if you want something more suitable for the genitals. Very reasonable price.
  4. Hello to everybody. It seems to me that creams help to grow better. Personally, I use it myself. I like the fact that the composition of such creams is very natural. Yes, there is a result, a few centimeters. I recommend it to anyone who needs penis enlargement. It is also possible to change the size of the penis with baking soda.
  5. Good afternoon friends! To be honest, this is not always the size of a man's problem. The size of the penis is the point of pain where we throw all our failures. I couldn't get any beauty, not enough time for sex - we throw it all according to the size and thickness of the penis. True, there are women who really need a big penis. You really need to exercise and use baking soda.
  6. The problem is very common, and thanks to this site, many men will be grateful for the result, because you can solve this problem without leaving home and get results with the help of soda. It is enough to do everything written, follow all the instructions, and the result will not come for a long time.
  7. Hello. To be honest, this question has interested me for a long time. There were problems with the size, I tried to do everything as written on the site, and I am very pleased with the effect. I will continue to follow all the recommendations.
  8. Poor men! If you want to please a woman - open your brain and do not enlarge your penis! Every woman has her own erogenous zones. Although I know from experience, men take a bath with the addition of soda for about an hour before intercourse. Soda gives the penis extra elasticity, length and swelling. The penis is felt to grow.
  9. It is quite possible to change the penis, but of course you have to be very patient and do everything right, because all this takes months, and in a day nothing will work. So you have to try for a longer time, and then I think that in a month or two the penis will grow and the result will make you happy. It is realistic to change the size of the penis with soda!