Penis enlargement with soda

Men are often concerned about the size of their penis, so some try to enlarge it in any way. Some resort to surgery, some to a vacuum pump, and some to exercise. Some resort to massage, dietary supplements, weights, and folk remedies. These methods can damage the penis. You can make it easier, you can use the old home method and baking soda. It does not hurt and the price is extremely low. The main priority is security. No one knows what dietary supplements and creams contain. Every man should know: soda affects the growth of the penis. This product can be used more than just cooking.

Everyone has baking soda in the kitchen, but not everyone knows that it has many miraculous effects: it fights excess weight, heartburn and burns, has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects, and speeds up metabolism. Sodium bicarbonate promotes a stable erection, eliminates genital inflammation, increases blood supply to the pelvic region. With the help of baking soda, you can enlarge your penis, increase your self-esteem and please your partner. This method can be combined with other methods: massage, creams, pumps and palms.

Soda does not directly affect the penis. This nutrient should not be injected into the penis in the hope of increasing its size. You should not wait for the penis to grow suddenly so that you do not get upset later. Soda is just a tool that helps a complex and systematic reception. You just have to use this method, follow all the recommendations, and then it will definitely work. It is very interesting that soda affects the genitals:

  1. Penetrates the body, thins the blood. If you complete this method with massages and exercises, the effect will be more noticeable. During special activities, blood will flow more easily to the penis and cause it to grow. When using supplements (fat, cream), the penis will not only grow, but also become firmer, smoother and harder. Baking soda also increases blood flow to the penis and groin area. It significantly improves erection.
  2. Baking soda normalizes the production of male secretions, restores hormone levels and stimulates the production and increase of testosterone in the male body. Sodium bicarbonate strengthens the erection, helps prevent impotence.
  3. Prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and has anti-inflammatory effect. Helps prevent prostatitis
  4. Soda can inhibit cell regeneration. Participates in the restoration of all internal processes, prevention of benign and malignant tumors.
  5. Sodium bicarbonate increases sperm activity, affects vitality and speed.

Before you start using soda to enlarge your penis, you should understand that there are side effects to using it. It is not recommended to test yourself at home, because the results can be unpleasant: the appearance of micro-cracks and ulcers on the penis, allergies, pain, burning sensation in the groin area. Soda kills not only germs but also beneficial bacteria, which leads to a decrease in immunity, inflammation of the microflora and dry skin.

Methods of application

the girl talks about penis enlargement with soda

A systematic approach is the basis of a stable result in all methods of soda intake. The effect cannot be achieved in one day.

Penis enlargement with soda should be done in a complex way, using a bath, compress and powder inside.

These methods focus on different systems of the body, and the combination of methods will help to improve the result, get rid of diseases and erection problems.

Men confirm the effect of penis enlargement with soda, but note that it is possible to enlarge the genitals by no more than two centimeters.


The most popular way to enlarge the penis is to use baking soda in the bath. After them, the penis becomes elastic. The recipe for preparing the bath is simple: you need to mix a teaspoon of soda in 400 milliliters of boiling water. The temperature of the liquid should be 36-38 degrees to prevent burning or hypothermia. The member should be immersed in the prepared solution for 15 minutes. These baths should be done one hour before the intended sex.

According to reviews, the bath increases the elasticity of the penis. It cleanses the human body of toxins, toxins, helps to build metabolism, prevents prostatitis and inflammation. Baths increase blood circulation, which leads to an increase in metabolic processes that lead to weight loss. It is very good for a man's sexual health, because obesity causes impotence.

Soda alkaline bath is strictly contraindicated for women because the vagina is acidic. Soda is destructive to him, so avoid taking a bath with your partner.

Apply a compress

There is another way to enlarge the penis with baking soda. The use of compresses is no less popular.

  • The penis needs to be moisturized by rubbing baking soda all over the area. Then leave the resulting compress for 15 minutes. Through this procedure, blood flows to the penis. The result is a little bigger. This method has many side effects: burning and irritation of the skin of the penis.
  • You can eliminate these symptoms by adding honey to the compress. To prepare the mixture, you need to mix soda and honey in different proportions. Apply the resulting gruel to the penis, then wait half an hour and rinse. Honey helps to achieve better results because it contains anti-inflammatory components.
  • Some use a softer method: the penis should be lubricated with vegetable oil along its entire length, and then baking soda should be applied to the entire area. Rub the mixture, leave for a few minutes.
  • You can make a compress and you will not remove it for a long time: you need to mix 200 milliliters of soda in clean, boiled water. The solution should be moistened with a sterile medical bandage and then applied tightly to the penis. Do not squeeze the bandage too much. The compress should not fall off the penis, but should not be squeezed. This bandage should be applied for at least 15 minutes and a maximum of 12 hours. Be sure to take a shower after removing the compress.
  • You can add spruce essential oil to the compress, pour soda until creamy. This oil is very active, it can be replaced with a softer almond or peach oil. Soda helps blood circulate faster and nourishes oily skin and tissues with beneficial elements. The penis will grow, look healthier, stronger and more pleasant to the touch.
  • Along with baking soda, balsam is another folk remedy. Contains many beneficial oils that have a positive effect on blood flow at the site of application and improve metabolism. To make a compress with balm, you need to mix soda and water until a thick consistency. Then add balm to the tip of the knife. Apply the mixture to the groin and pubic area.
The man is pleased with the increase of the penis with soda

One of the methods of penis enlargement is massage. This is very simple to do: apply one of the compresses to the skin of the penis. Before that, moisten a soft towel with warm water, wrap it around the penis and leave for a few minutes. This ritual will make the skin elastic and increase blood circulation. After that you can massage. Then you need to rest and sleep.

Do not swallow

Drinking baking soda in it will increase the effectiveness of the previous two methods and can help cleanse the body of toxins and harmful substances. Drinking solutions are recommended for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle and do not exercise. Blood clots develop in the groin area. May cycle more slowly due to malnutrition. All this leads to a deterioration in the quality of the erection. Soda helps fight this. There are several ways to apply internally:

  1. Mix half a teaspoon of this white food ingredient with a glass (300 ml) of warm milk. Mix the mixture well and then order. The course of treatment is 3-4 weeks. Take the solution once a day.
  2. A more radical way is to just take baking soda. You should start with half a teaspoon, gradually increasing the dose to one teaspoon. You can take two weeks. Large amounts of soda can cause the development of stomach and intestinal diseases.
  3. To enlarge the penis and prevent impotence, doctors recommend taking a solution of a teaspoon of baking soda and half a glass of water (100-150 ml). This mixture should be taken immediately after waking up on an empty stomach in the morning.
baking soda for penis enlargement

When drinking baking soda to enlarge the penis, doctors recommend cleaning the intestines. This procedure will improve blood flow to the prostate and increase immunity.

For microclysters, take a tablespoon of baking soda and mix it in a liter of warm boiled water. The procedure should be performed once a day for a month.

You need to be very careful and listen to your feelings when taking baking soda.

If you have abdominal pain, heartburn, diarrhea, other unpleasant symptoms and pain, you should stop taking the powder and consult a doctor immediately.


Serious factors that could prevent a man from using soda to enlarge his penis have not yet been discovered. You should be aware of some contraindications, but their list is very small:

  1. Individual intolerance to soda, allergy to this drug or other substances that are part of penis enlargement recipes. Before starting to buy sodium bicarbonate, its sensitivity should be checked. Mix any amount of baking soda and water, rub it on a small piece of skin and wait for half an hour. Do not use the powder if the skin turns red, irritated and itchy. The same test should be performed with all the components (ointment, oil, cream, balm) that make up the compress or bath.
  2. In diabetes mellitus, the action of baking soda is directed to the blood cells.
  3. Cancer tumors.
  4. Diseases of the genitourinary system: prostatitis, urethritis and cystitis.
  5. Gastrointestinal disease, as a contraindication to the expansion of the penis with soda
  6. Dermatitis, penile sensitivity, microtrauma, abrasions, prolapse and ulcers. The penis will begin to ache, cracks will form that need to heal for a long time.
  7. It is forbidden to drink soda for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, ulcers).
  8. Anatomical changes in the penis.

It is strictly forbidden to take expired baking soda. If the powder has an unnatural white color, impurities, and an unpleasant odor, you should not use it to enlarge the penis.

Soda is a very cheap tool, then it is better to buy a new package to avoid treating side effects.