How to enlarge the penis a few centimeters?

According to medical statistics, every third man is dissatisfied with the size of his penis. Therefore, people are increasingly turning to doctors with a desire to suggest a good method that will increase the penis by at least a few centimeters. Today, there are many ways to lengthen the phallus 2 cm or more. However, each has its own nuances, knowledge will allow you to achieve good results.

What is the normal length of the penis?

penis measurement after enlargement

Although hundreds of opinion polls have been conducted among women and men around the world, it is impossible to find a "middle ground" and answer the question of which genital size is the norm for the stronger sex. In some countries it is believed that the optimal length should be at least 17 centimeters, but, for example, in the UK this figure is lower and is about 15 cm.

Experts claim that the size of the phallus is affected by several factors that can be considered normal:

  • aesthetic advantages of both partners;
  • the width of a woman's vagina (the narrower the opening, the smaller the size of a man's penis);
  • ability to use "dignity".

The last point is especially important, because in principle, the length of the penis does not affect the degree of pleasure that a woman experiences in the process of intimacy. Scientists have long rejected the myth that a girl can only have a strong and lively orgasm if her partner has a large sexual organ. In fact, a woman's vagina is sensitive to a depth of only 5-7 cm, so a small penis can surprise her lover. It all depends on your lover's ability in bed.

How to grow a penis 5 centimeters or more at home

However, if a man does not want to listen to doctors and still decides to grow a penis, he can use several methods available at home:

  • apparatus;
  • instruction;
  • medicine.

Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages, so you should learn more about them before making a choice.

It is important! You should first consult a specialist to ensure that penis enlargement at home passes quickly and without complications. An ultrasound of the small pelvic vessels and organs will be performed, and based on the results of the diagnosis, a decision will be made as to whether it is possible to lengthen the phallus alone or whether it is better to do so in a clinic. .

Equipment technique

In a medical equipment store or sex shop, you can find many devices that help you increase your "dignity" up to 20 cm at home. The most famous and popular of them is the vacuum expander for many years.

penis enlargement enlarger

The device has a pump shape. It "sucks" the head of the penis and removes the base with the help of special pistons resting on the pubic area. In this case, a man should spend about 5-6 minutes. The number of procedures is not limited.

Disadvantages of the device are:

  • the possibility of squeezing blood vessels under the delicate skin of the head of the penis;
  • appearance of bruises on the genitals;
  • discomfort during the procedure;
  • need for long-term use.

The advantages of the expander are good results (the penis will grow about 3 cm in a month) and it is very cheap. In addition, if desired, you can buy soft and elastic pads for the vacuum pump, which reduce trauma and ensure no bruising. However, it is worth remembering that the slightly more expensive expander must be replaced after each use.


If for some reason it is not possible to buy an extension, you can use equally effective substitutes.

penis enlargement pumps

Some of the replacement models are equipped with a vibration motor that will appeal to masturbation enthusiasts. Of course, the cost of such devices is higher than classic vacuum pumps, but according to reviews on men's forums, it is worth it.

General advantages and disadvantages of equipment

The main advantages of penis enlargement at home are:

  • an excellent substitute for expensive transactions;
  • ability to use pumps anywhere and anytime;
  • Suitable for all men, regardless of age;
  • allows you to strengthen the erection;
  • not only enlarges the penis, but also prevents diseases of the small pelvic vessels and organs.

The disadvantages of this technique are:

  • pumps are contraindicated when there is a high risk of bleeding and rupture of blood vessels;
  • you cannot use the device at the same time while buying blood thinners;
  • appearance of petechiae on the penis - red or dark purple spots (as a result of rupture of small vessels under vacuum pressure);
  • feeling of numbness in the penis after surgery;
  • dry skin, pain during sex.

How to use the pump properly

The penis lengthening procedure consists of several successive steps:

  1. The extension cup is washed with clean water and dried with a napkin;
  2. The penis is pre-lubricated with a special lubricant (you can use a lidocaine-based product)
  3. The pump is placed in the penis and air begins to be pumped from there (pressure builds up);
  4. The vacuum is brought to the limit and fixed by the regulator for 5-6 minutes;
  5. After the specified time, the regulator is compressed and the air slowly fills the pump.
Use a pump to enlarge the penis

Although many expander manufacturers are confident that their products are harmless and can be used at least 10 times a day, experts still insist on the limit. Doctors recommend not using the pump more than 3 times a day. This is enough for the penis to grow in a short time.

It is important! If the expander is used not only to lengthen the penis, but also to masturbate, the vacuum level should be brought to the midpoint to prevent trauma.

Manual elongation of the penis

The term refers to the use of a special massage that stimulates blood flow to the pelvic organs and increases the volume of the body cavernosa.

This method is "soft". By lengthening the penis in this way, you will not be afraid of any unpleasant consequences, bruises and rupture of blood vessels. However, it is worth remembering that hand therapy requires patience, because the results will not be noticeable in a month or maybe two months.

The main methods of "increasing" massage

Doctors provide a complete list of hand movements aimed at stimulating the growth of cavernous tissues. The most effective ones are presented below. Regular use of these techniques will allow you to lengthen the penis by at least 2 cm in a short time.

  1. "My milk. "The penis is embraced with the right hand, and the male begins to perform movements reminiscent of squeezing milk from a cow's breast. Approximately 10 manipulations should be performed in one approach. Then there is a short break and the massage is repeated. During "milking", the growth of fibers in the structure of the penis and penile curls are accelerated.
  2. Smoothing.The penis is placed between two palms and smoothed with a special pressure upwards from the pubic bone. It is advisable not to touch the head of the penis, as there may be unpleasant sensations with strong pressure with your hands. You can use synthetic lubricant to make your palms slip. There should be no anesthesia inside, as it is very important to feel the force of the pressure during the massage to prevent damage to the delicate tissues.
  3. Stretching.This technique is similar to the principle of operation of a vacuum pump, only in this case, the extension of the phallus is carried out manually. You need to hold the top of the penis firmly and pull it to the maximum. Then pause for a few seconds and the penis is released. The movements are repeated 10 times with a short break.
  4. Do not squeeze.The penis is wrapped around the index, middle and thumb of both hands and squeezed vigorously for 2 seconds. This movement is reminiscent of meatball sculpture, you just have to put more effort. The massage should start from the pubis, moving upwards. The duration of a procedure is at least three minutes.
penis enlargement training

General recommendations

Many men will think that handicrafts are too "tiring". This is partly true. But all the time spent will give good results. For example, many members of the stronger sex find that their penis grows 3 cm or more after 40 days of regular massage. It all depends on how serious the person is about the procedures.

To speed up the process of penis enlargement using hand techniques and not to hurt yourself, you should follow some recommendations of experts:

  • All of the above techniques should be done in one day. These can be replaced in sequence or with each other;
  • Do not massage if it causes severe pain. The presence of unpleasant sensations may indicate inflammatory diseases or other pathologies of the genital organ;
  • Massage allows you to diversify your sex life, so you can entrust it to your partner. But he must be informed in advance. This is important because inaccurate movements can damage the vascular system inside the penis, which is fraught with potential weakening;
  • Accelerating the process of penis elongation will help to combine hand techniques with apparatus or drugs. Such an integrated approach will reduce the waiting time for results by about 60%.

It is important! There are several training videos to watch before doing a "boost" massage at home. From them you can collect a lot of useful information that will facilitate the use of techniques and teach new movements.

Penis enlargement drugs

Doctors differ on the effectiveness of the use of various "miracle" drugs for penis elongation. Some claim that the composition of such drugs has no effect on the size of the penis, while others claim that the active components of the tablets stimulate strong and prolonged blood flow to the phallus, causing swelling and elongation of the body cavernosa. . With regular use of medication, the volume of the penis increases and remains.

penis size after enlargement

Scientists have conducted a series of experiments to find out if it is really possible to add a few extra inches to your "dignity" by taking various medications. About a thousand men were dissatisfied with the size of their phalluses. The study found that the drugs helped, but the effect was insignificant. This means that it will be possible to add 3-4 cm, but it will not be possible to lengthen the penis from 13 to 25 and even 30 cm (as advertised by such drugs).

What to buy

The range of remedies for penis enlargement is very diverse. Among them you can find both absolute pacifiers and really effective drugs. It is advisable to consult a specialist before choosing and using.

All these funds are taken according to a certain scheme: 1 tablet 2 times a day (morning and evening). The minimum course is 30 days. If you want, you can continue to take the medication for another week. In addition, the course should be interrupted for 15 days, after which you can repeat.

Expert advice

To get the best effect from medicated penis enlargement, you should follow the recommendations below.

  • The most important thing is regularity, so you should take the pills as indicated in the instructions;
  • It is advisable to combine medication with other methods (massage or pump - it does not matter);
  • A good solution is to use topical tablets for oral administration. In this case, you can lubricate the surface of the penis with a special cream or gel.