Can I add a member? How many centimeters really? Truth and myth

penis enlargement.

According to many sexologists, a large penis is not able to solve all the problems of intimate life. After all is long and thick penis is not all you need man. He must also take into account the preferences of your partner, to listen and his opinions follow what he knows in the process of sex. However, despite this, many representatives of the stronger sex are still considered insufficient length of the phallus, the source of all trouble in relationships with women, and therefore are constantly looking for ways to increase it.

In this case, they are quite a fair question, whether there are and effective methods to increase and the penis change what is given by nature, is impossible. It became the answer to the scientists who conducted several laboratory and clinical trials, with more than two thousand men.

Review ways to increase penis and their actual effectiveness

There are three main ways to grow your penis:

  • special preparations;
  • surgery;
  • the hardware method.

Penis enlargement medically is considered the most popular go with because of want to surgeon the money or the knife penis pumps and other devices are not too much. Because of the high demand for "improving" drugs, the researchers tested their functionality in the first place.

Important! The right option When selecting, I heard a man need a surgeon and urologist. The doctor prescribed CT scan ultrasound of the pelvis or close to the poi pathology as against any method.

Is it possible to increase dick drugs?

how ulichin member

Now find the right tool that can increase your penis, is not as difficult as a few years ago. The Internet is literally full of different advertisements, where a man offers gels, lotions, sprays or pills that help, according to the manufacturer, add a few extra inches of sexual organ in vain for 2-3 weeks. Cheap and They are available to all concerned, so the demand for them is higher than other methods. However, in practice, to achieve positive results to your units.

The reason why drugs for penis enlargement do not help everyone, became active in the activities of fraudsters. They regularly supply the market with fakes, that is not the problem in vain to solve the penis short, but sometimes also harmful to health, causing allergic reactions, rash, inflammation of the skin in the intimate area and so on.

Also, the potential positive effect of the medication reduces:

  • failure to follow instructions;
  • improper storage;
  • errors in dose to the lower half;
  • premature termination during the use of the drug;
  • ignoring the doctors;
  • the combination of one drug with another, which causes a chemical reaction of substances the composition, as well as resources, resulting in their loss properties.

The study revealed that penis enlargement, which is not medication a myth, but a man must look for a long time the original product, follow the instructions and for her, that is not always possible, due to the active lifestyle of modern man. Any deviation from the instructions, changes or reduces the size of the system tools in the process of building the phallus to zero.

Drugs for penis enhancement

The funds is prescribed in tablet form in the form of preparations of local and activities. Basically, they contain herbal components, but also synthetic ingredients. The principle of their training is to increase the blood of the son flow to the sex organ, under pressure from the chamber of the corpora cavernosa to dilate, and the penis is stretched over time.

Elongated member to maintain the state for several months after drug withdrawal. After this, the penis loses the acquired size. To support them is constantly, regularly renew the medication or skin care treatment member of drugs for external use. Here lies the great discomfort caused by the medicinal product extension of the phallus. However, for some men this is not a problem. He regularly used to "improve" the drugs and are quite satisfied with their effect.

Features surgical intervention

surgery to increase penis

Find out how good surgery is compared with drug technology, no need to make even specific studies. Simply learn how to use and all the other things disappear by themselves.

Important! Penile prosthesis is popular among men who suffer from medium-and long impotence. In this case, use rigid or semi-rigid implants, which help to keep the penis erect.

Surgical enlargement of the penis paid under the following formula:

  1. Small Penis incision (approximately 2-3 cm);
  2. Further, it introduces silicone implants;
  3. Artificial elements will stretch more sen and the penis diameter.

This method has many advantages:

  • The result is immediate. The Penis is increased during operation, and wait, and nothing;
  • Small against;
  • Side effects is Not. The only one in asia that can face the patient, this inflammation or suppuration of the scar. Pay This is due to the fact that the penetration of wound infection failure of medical staff;
  • Shape retention member for a long time;
  • A short period of healing of surgical wounds;
  • Large scars or extremely prominent scar place the implant.

In addition, the advantage of surgical lengthening of the member states is that the people can choose the size of the penis. With the help of prosthetics to add it to the member states up to 7 inches.

Disadvantages of prosthetics

Although the list of positive features, operation for lengthening the phallus has several disadvantages, namely:

  • silicone-very fragile, and sex may not be very damaged, so his "dignity" have to go carefully;
  • the implant is deformed 5-6 and years, and it has to be replaced it will cost the same as the first training;
  • surgical penis enlargement is not a or spot of the subjects of congenital acquired curvature of the penis, the fragility of blood vessels, sexually transmitted diseases, polyps in the urethra channel.

The myths of penis prosthesis

surgery penis enlargement

Representatives of the clinic, which penile prosthesis, training to speak in vain in a positive way. They their potential customers will assure that the procedure is safe, to help the man, part-inferiority and acquire a big penis without any problems. It fact, everything looks different.

The list of myths about the surgical capacity of the phallus, which was able to destroy the experts during the investigation:

  • The effect of training is reversible. This is a work of fiction. After implantation all implants on stretching the tissue and when it is recovered, the member resembles a deflated balloon. Of course, over time, a deep body and take the original shape of the skin is tightened, but that the stabilisation and association agreement, waiting for a long time;
  • The procedure is painless. Also, This is true. The fact is, that the process of cutting, the man under general anesthesia, make a small incision at the base of or on the scrotum the penis in the region. But after recovering from anesthesia, the patient feels severe pain in the groin, which removed unnecessary strong painkillers;
  • Implant roots 98% of cases. In practice, these values are lower. Almost 27-33% of men is the rejection of the prosthesis. This is due to the fact that the incompatibility of living tissues for biological and very artificial;
  • After surgery a man will not face any problems. Unfortunately, when the prosthetic representative of the penis begins, the stronger sex to experience a wide range of disadvantages. The first asian to say that the member is constantly in the excited state and this will create some difficulties in everyday life. Also silicone implants to distract during an ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs, shifting sometimes and difficult urination.

Important! Implant placement is a serious decision. So men need to carefully weigh the pros and cons of surgery, and after that go to the clinic. A failed prosthesis to restore the stuff it was before it is very difficult.

However, I will say no, scientists surgical penis enlargement is considered the most effective technique, which can achieve the cherished goal effortlessly. Therefore, if you do not take into account some of the details, the implantation of the implant on the right Ah, can it in fact lengthen the penis in a short period of time.

Hardware penis capacity: reality or myth?

extender penis enlargement

Sex shops and equipment stores medical sell a lot of equipment stretching the phallus at home. They are divided into two groups:

  • converters;
  • vacuum pump.

Converters represent the structure, which consists of the thrust of part two and the latch on the stretcher. He pushed the fastener in the opposite direction from the pubic bone, forcing the penis shaft length is slowly stretched.

Vacuum pumps in contrast to extenders perfectly work otherwise. They consist of a lamp, that fits over the penis, hose, pump and blower. In more advanced models, electronic tennent is complemented by a control panel, which causes the pressure of their own. Some devices are equipped with nozzles in the form of the vagina. In this case, the pump can be used both for penis enlargement and Masturbation, but these models are too expensive for many.

Both devices are designed for one goal – that apple phones with stretch the penis. However, if the extender add unnecessary occur in penis length. The Penis is stretched, a subtle but the fact that not everyone will like. Therefore, doctors recommend to buy it vacuum, because the pressure generated in the process of pumping the air pump causes the structure of the phallus is not unnecessarily extended, but also to expand the volume.

How can you add a member to the hardware way

If you compare the hardware method, with medication, surgery or, as it is definitely better than the first inferior to the latter. When you use the extender the final result is 3-4 cm, the vacuum pump member and extends 5 to 6 cm (depending on how often and how long to apply it).

However, it is worth remembering that this option is too traumatic. Process of stretching the penis, the man face such side effects as:

  • pain in the groin;
  • bruises on the skin of the penis;
  • unpleasant sensations, when you touch the member;
  • difficulty urinating;
  • discomfort during sexual intercourse.

In addition, the member likely to be a bluish cast to become and to swell. But don't worry, all these unpleasant phenomena are organized independently. In a pinch, you can use the drug, the skin and return to relieve the swelling.

The advantages of the hardware method

member before and after the increase

Buy or extender vacuum pump is suitable for those who are not ready for surgery is disappointed, and the use of funds, to increase penis.

The fit is guaranteed to lengthen your phallus has several advantages:

  • Reasonable price. Now a man does not need to spend money on constantly buying creams, pills or sprays. When you buy a vacuum pump extender for a lifetime or give it to the owner;
  • The result is noticeable almost immediately;
  • The stabilisation and association agreement the infection, in contrast to surgery;
  • Complete anonymity. When you buy the devices, which the client is hidden in my name and no one knows it;
  • It combines still allowed for hardware specifications of other methods to increase your penis;
  • The use of a vacuum pump or extender has a positive effect on potency;
  • Because of against-indications (in addition to congenital or acquired curvature of the phallus).

Important! Do not use the vacuum pump extender and devices during and receive blood thinners to painkillers. Hardware techniques should be abandoned priapism, shapes, and certain leukemia.

Whether there are other effective ways of penis enlargement

The men's forums that the apple phone with to meet users, that tell you what member is it possible to add help in folk medicine, the techniques manual and exercises aimed at a deep and strengthen tissue volume increase.

It fact, all these methods either care about is the results or small effect so that it may be unnecessary to notice the careful penis measurement ruler.

In medical practice it is not anything attached to it to increase the phallic by using these methods. All the information that herbal teas, homemade lotions or massage can increase the your penis – nothing more than fiction.

So no, doctors suggest to try suspicious in different ways and insist on relying on the surgeon or the acquisition of extender devices or pump to "cure" drugs. The only way to really add a few inches to sexual body and is not harmful to health.