How to enlarge your penis quickly

penis enlargement methods

Dissatisfaction with one's appearance puts a person in a rigid social frame. Especially when it comes to men's "celentano". On a small scale, a man suffers psychologically: he loses self-confidence, intimacy with women is limited, efficiency and the general situation deteriorates. Based on this, many men begin to look for radical ways to grow the penis quickly and how to get rid of complexes in a short time. But do such methods not hurt?


Men try to improve themselves without realizing that rapid penis enlargement does not always lead to the desired result.

  1. The main misconception of 30% of the male population is "savagery" against the background of a large penis. But it is not the presence of a penis that does this, but character, attention and skill. With these features, you can become a perfect lover.
  2. It is a mistake to say that the size of the body parts immediately determines the size of the man. The human body is made up of various factors that do not affect each other. The size of the penis is genetically determined from childhood and has no effect on the size of the ears or nose.
  3. Obesity reduces the penis - lie. Visually, only changes are visible, because in the background of this part of the body, the layer of fat is noticeably stretched. However, obesity can affect erection and fertility.

Tip.If the above doesn't convince you and you still want to enlarge your penis easily and quickly, consult your doctor first. Any action, even if it is a short-term increase, can lead to irreversible consequences.

How to quickly enlarge your penis at home

Depending on the timing of the result, there are many ways to grow a penis at home:

  • jelqing - you can add one centimeter a month in the complex;
  • Kegel complex;
  • massage;
  • load;
  • drug enhancement;
  • expander - effect in two days;
  • vacuum pump;
  • cream;
  • attachments.

Tip.Choosing just one tool will not help to achieve a very fast result, you need a complex authoritative effect on the body.

Jelqing Technique

This is the oldest doctor-approved technique used by Africans and Indians. It is necessary to bring the genitals to a semi-excited state and do milking movements.


  • The penis needs to be warmed up to be elastic. To do this, it is better to take the heated salt, pour it into a bag and apply it to the phallus. Then lubricate the whole body well with oil and hold it in a ring around the base with your fingers and lift it over your head 40 times.
  • After that, hold it with all your hands, but squeeze the root for 10 seconds without pain. In this position it should be pulled in all directions: forward, right, left, back, down and up. You can do this 30 times at first, but then increase it to more than 200 and at least a month with regular exercise.


You want your penis to be calm. It should be heated, can be taken with a separate bag and can be taken by the head. Pull forward and hold for 15 seconds. Then return the penis to its previous position, give it some rest and stretch on both sides. It should be done in a circle without causing pain or discomfort. It's always worth it to enhance and work on the effect.

Julian's Method

  1. The penis needs to be warmed up (sports or hot pouch);
  2. Elongation of a heated penis. Extend and straighten for a few seconds. Continue training for 5 minutes;
  3. warming of the penis between sets;
  4. Complete with Kegel exercise.

Kegel Complex

To learn how to do this exercise properly, you need to understand how the pelvic floor muscles work. When urinating, hold the flow by placing two fingers between the anus and scrotum. It moves the testicles and penis, but you can do it without urinating in front of a mirror, just imitate these movements. Once you have completely learned to control this process and feel the muscles, you can move on to the next level.

  • When urinating, you should take about 3 stops 3 times a day, but not every time you go to the toilet. Daily exercise will help strengthen your pelvic floor and encourage you to work harder.
  • The pelvic floor muscles need to be contracted for two seconds, then relaxed, so it is worth increasing 15-20 approaches three times a day. If it is difficult to exercise, then the first time can be done lying down or sitting. Or help you do squats and exercises properly so that your legs and gut don't get mixed up.
  • Perfect for those with strong pelvic muscles and those who exercised a month ago. The pelvic floor muscles should be contracted for 5 seconds, then held for 5 seconds and gradually relaxed. Give it a rest and approach again. Increase the number of repetitions each time.
  • The level is difficult, and here it is worth doing this work only for men who have fully trained their muscles and perform all movements continuously. Pull the pelvic floor muscles for 30-60 seconds, then relax, pause and re-tighten. To do such a task more than three approaches.

It is worth to contract about 30 times with an erect penis, the penis rises and gradually increases the duration of contraction. For those who find this exercise easy, it can be difficult to pick up a towel. Hang on to the phallus and try to lift when the muscles contract.

Exercise 3-4 times a week, the rest of the time give your genitals complete rest and relaxation.


  • Medical supplies. These are mainly drugs that contain hormones that stimulate testosterone production and increase muscle tissue. Here the penis improves blood circulation and stimulates strength. You should read the instructions to avoid side effects and addiction.
  • Traditional medicines. These are herbal pills or creams that are based on natural ingredients and stimulate blood circulation in the penis. It has no side effects and is not harmful to health. They also help increase thickness, prevent strength problems and perform sexual function.
  • Extras. Nutritional supplements like a vitamin complex that stimulates the softness and elasticity of penile tissues. They are used in complex therapy and help to increase efficiency and provide all the necessary vitamins and trace elements. They tone the whole body as a whole.


Wrap the base of the semi-erect penis tightly with an elastic bandage and straighten it. Hold this position for 1 minute and remove the fixation. Do it every day for 1 week. Gradually increase the time, but do not take more than 10 minutes and do not cause discomfort or pain.

Taoist Exercises

Combine breathing practice and meditation:

  • Start warming up by pressing the depression at the base of the skull with your middle finger and massage in a circular motion. During this time, inhale slowly and quietly through your nose and exhale through your mouth.
  • The pelvic floor muscles are rapidly retracted and stopped for 15 seconds, taking a deep breath and breathing slowly. In one approach, keep your feet shoulder-width apart, hands down, 21 times.

How to enlarge your penis in a week

Hanging loads

Weightlifting is a fast way, but it is very traumatic. Weight affects the joints with the corpus cavernosum, which helps lengthen the length and enlarge the penis. Maybe a slight increase in the penis in a week and a result of 1, 5-2 cm in 2 weeks.

What you need to enlarge a man's body in 7 days:

  • Preheat the penis.
  • Connect with a plaster cord.
  • Stop the minimum load.
  • Stay in this position for half an hour. If numbness is felt, the load is removed.

The burden increases depending on the man's feelings. But harsh actions can hurt and injure.


Extender is a tool to help you enlarge your penis in a week. You can choose vacuum, loop or belt. Looped is more economical, but does not provide as much flexibility as other types. The essence of the expander is to lengthen the gap, so the tissues grow to get rid of the discomfort. The result is not short-lived, but can affect the potential in case of abuse. We recommend using up to two hours a day.

How to enlarge a member in 5 minutes

An ineffective and permanent sudden increase is a myth. You can apply the pump for a short time in five minutes. However, this is a temporary measure to increase size and maintain strength. The pump creates a vacuum that stimulates blood flow and increases erection. The effect will disappear within an hour.


  1. The penis is treated with cream and inserted into the cylinder.
  2. Air is injected to create a vacuum. In this case, the member is pressured.
  3. Improved blood flow increases masculinity within 5 minutes. The device has a pressure gauge that regulates the pressure.

Important!After consulting a specialist, you only need to buy a pump in specialized stores.

How to grow a member in one day

Thanks to the rapid growth in a day, you can achieve both short-term and long-lasting effects. One of the most reliable methods of penis enlargement is a special attachment. Open type or closed type can be used. Such a device is suitable for long-term increase in dignity and increase erection. It is recommended to choose a closed nose type to lengthen.

It is recommended to choose a softer material to maintain sensitivity. Silicone and latex tips are almost invisible. A similar device is used for several hours. Many people say that the result will be visible in a few days. And in three days a man already feels better in bed.

Special attention is paid to creams and gels. The manufacturer provides the result in 1 day, but it depends on the direct functions of the product. There are several types of medications:

  • short-term (action before sex);
  • long-term (effect is achieved in about 2 days);
  • as an adjunct: if other methods of penis enlargement are used in parallel.

The most radical method that not every man decides is surgery. The increase usually occurs in 3 days and the duration of action is one lifetime. Surgery is more suitable for men with obvious abnormalities in the development of the penis. If the penis is less than 11 cm at the time of implantation, surgery may be allowed.

Similar surgical procedures are performed for:

  1. Add length.
  2. Thickening.

An important fact.The penis is surgically enlarged to 4 cm. The operation is performed by an experienced doctor under local anesthesia.

The fastest way to enlarge your penis

After the methods described above, a man will decide for himself how quickly he can enlarge his penis and not harm his health. It is important to understand that no more than 7% of people in the world have real problems with the magnitude of their dignity. And the advertised devices will not give long-term high-quality results in a day. In this case, a special massage and a healthy lifestyle are recommended.