How to increase the penis with exercises of length and thickness?

Most men care about penis size. If it is too small or long, but slender, it is a serious cause for complexes that cause problems in relationships with the opposite sex. Therefore, the question arises, what exercises help to grow the penis?

There are various ways to increase male dignity. Some give immediate but temporary results. For example, a vacuum pump or attachments to enlarge the gap. Other methods are designed for lifelong results.

Penis enlargement exercises are designed for long-term results. Of course, after a week of training, the penis will not grow, you have to be patient. As a rule, men combine several different works aimed at increasing the length and thickness.

Let's learn what methods of penis enlargement, do they really work? Also, think about what "gymnastics" for the penis helps the body to grow actively?

Penis Enlargement Techniques

All exercises are characterized by different performance, because the goal - to increase the length, thickness or head of the reproductive organ. There are various changes. The principle of operation is simple: during exercise, blood flow to the penis is stimulated, cavernous bodies begin to grow under the pressure of the fluid, which causes them to stretch.

If you exercise regularly, the cavernosum corpus will retain a new size, making the penis thicker and longer during an erection. Men push, lengthen, lengthen and bend the penis to achieve the desired result.

Massage at home not only promotes the growth of bile, but also stimulates blood flow, increases strength and improves erection. The effect is observed after 2-3 months of training, and in some men after 1 month.

Penis stretching is complemented by other augmentation techniques:

  • Penis massage with baking soda;
  • Wear an expander;
  • To use a vacuum pump;
  • Hang loads.

Penis lengthening exercises have the following advantages: availability and ease of execution, no need to spend a lot of money, if done correctly, it is safe for the body.

Important!Regardless of the choice, classes always start with warming up, because the exercises are associated with the force load on the penis, which can lead to injury.

Stretches for penis enlargement

special exercises for penis enlargement

Penis elongation is a way to help increase body length. There are several performance techniques that can help you use different areas of your personality. We have to start by lying down.

The exercise is performed as follows: lift the head of the penis with an inverted "ring". Then they start pulling the penis down. After reaching the maximum stretch, they stabilize between fifteen and twenty-five seconds. This activity helps to lengthen the upper ligaments of the penis. Add a second hand to increase the effect - a double load arises.

After that, you need to extend it: take the penis upside down, slowly pull it up, keep the maximum tension for 15-25 seconds. This action helps to lengthen the white membrane of the phallus. It is recommended to pump at the same time as the pubococcygeal muscle stretches.

Then the steps are as follows:

  1. Lateral extension.The head of the penis should be pulled to the right and left.
  2. Spiral extensions.Hold the head in an inverted position, pull the penis down, then move the body counterclockwise to the left. Extra - to the right.

These 4 exercises should be done together. They start with 2-3 workouts a week, then move on to 5 sessions. Over time, the load on the penis should increase: ten to fifteen approaches in seven days.

Important!The effect appears in a few months - the erect penis thickens and lengthens.

Increasing the thickness of the phallus

Exercises to increase penis length

Thickening of the genitals is a more difficult task. Many people do sports at home - "tie the blood in the body. "The technique is a bit like Clamping, but for lazy men. All you need for training is an elastic bandage and lubricant. It is important not to forget to warm your penis.

You need to get yourself 100% erect. The base of the reproductive organ is then tightly wrapped with an elastic bandage. Then they apply a lubricant or use a special gel for penis enlargement, close the body of the phallus next to the bandage and perform the Jelqing exercise - the "ring" is pulled to the side of the head.

If there is a tingling sensation in the penis during the lesson, if the skin turns blue, the bandage is removed immediately. The training ends with 5-10 minutes of intensive body massage.

Excessive activity for penis enlargement at home:

  • Hold the base of the penis with the "O" grip. The strength of the pressure so that the erect penis does not leave blood;
  • Move the grip as close to the pubis as possible to inflate the body of the reproductive organ;
  • Move the grip again - the penis should grow (swelling);
  • Then release the pressure by returning to the starting position;
  • Repeat 5-10 times.

You train like this for 10-15 minutes. You can finish the lesson with masturbation, and then with ejaculation.

Dry Jelqing method helps to thicken the penis. The penis is not oiled. The man takes a comfortable position, holding the bottom of the penis. Then he grabs her by the head and pulls her. Repeat 30-40 times in total. Without training experience, the chances of injury are high.

Important!The described methods promote penis enlargement, but also have a positive effect on erectile function - increased potency, libido, thyroid quality, improved duration of sexual intercourse.

How to enlarge the head of the penis?

exercises to increase the thickness of the penis

Sometimes the penis is long and thick, but the glans is very small. There is a technique aimed at raising the head. It takes a lot of time to make a noise, but the result is worth it.

The easiest option is to massage for penis enlargement, especially the head effect only. You can massage in any position: standing, lying, sitting. A small amount of lubrication is applied to the head, then the foreskin is pulled towards the pubis.

Then they close their heads with the fingers of their right hand, try to work from the inside and start "crushing". With strong sensitivity, there is an obvious discomfort, but after 5-7 sessions, the level literally decreases as the head adapts to the load.

To enlarge the head of the penis, you need to get yourself to 100% erection, then follow these steps:

  1. Squeeze the bottom of the penis as tightly as possible and hold it in this position for a minute. At this point, you can see the blood flow - it turns red and swells.
  2. Then you need to "work with your fist" - squeeze the base 15-30 times. This movement constantly pumps blood, maintaining an upright position.
  3. The hand that squeezes the bottom of the penis stays in place, while the other side holds the head of the phallus. Then both the base and the head are compressed at the same time. During compression, it is delayed for 15 seconds, released and repeated. And so 20-50 times.
  4. The last step: sit in a chair, take your penis in your hand and tap on the inner thighs: 15 times in different directions.

At first, training is difficult, but with practice, a man will find movements and rhythms that work perfectly effectively, but do not cause discomfort. It takes 1-2 months to get the desired result. Increasing head volume is a long-term process.

Alternatively, you can try to roll the head of the penis - the method is very popular in the NUP forum. The erect penis is placed on a flat surface like a table. Then they take an ordinary oklava or stick and start moving his head. It is necessary to measure physical pressure, because training is fraught with serious injury and pain.

Penis enlargement is possible at home. The key is to choose the optimal set of exercises for yourself and do not give up if your penis does not grow. There is no universal profession that will help everyone without exception.